Upgrade Your Hockey Ability

What We Do

Receive your game footage

Send us your video footage for analysis

Coach Analysis

One of our coaches will break-down the game and provide a detailed analysis, combining relevant statistics and notes

Player Report

The analysis will be compiled into a player report, including recommendations based on key observations

1-to-1 Learning

We educate the player with a 1-to-1 learning session

Shiftd Academy



What Sets Us Apart


Shiftd is the leading educational service for hockey.  Our team of professional players are able to offer a quality service that is unparalleled. As players ourselves, we have gained invaluable lessons from the sport of hockey in a variety of professional leagues across North America and Europe.

Who We Are


The Shiftd team is comprised of professional hockey players.

We are both current and experienced.

Our aim is to empower hockey players with relevant information.




  •  1 Game

  • 1 Report

  • Feedback From A Pro

  • Pair With: 1-To-1 Consult



  • 1 Game / Week

  •  Trend Reports

  •  Progress Tracking

  • Pair With: 1-To-1 Consult




  • 1 Game / Week x 6 Months (Sept – Feb)

  • Optimal Learning Experience

  • Targeted Development Plan

  • Year-End Recruiting Video

*Games include time-stamped current and relevant statistics.

*Reports include observations and recommendations.

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