Trainer Talk: What Is Athletic Therapy?

by: Christine Zentai

Prevention & Education:

Athletic Therapists use patient education as a cornerstone to a healthy and rapid recovery. Working together to get you back into the game and focusing on the muscles, joints and bones that are affected. We utilize therapeutic exercise, manual hands-on treatment and we give you the tools to prevent re-injury as well as about lifestyle factors that can help form good habits.


Assessment & Rehabilitation of all Musculoskeletal injuries:

The Athletic Therapist will focus on the area that is injured, but also look at the joints above and below, working with the whole chain. It is crucial that your joints and muscles are in a biomechanical advantage for work or else dysfunction will occur and will subsequently lead to injury. We use our extensive anatomical and biomechanical education of the human body to achieve this. When creating a rehabilitation program, we follow our principles so that you can progress in a step wise fashion back to your sport or daily activities. We look at the injury in layers, starting locally at the lesion site and slowly working our way globally to achieving functional movement and always keeping your goals in mind.



Athletic Therapists are also First Responders, meaning that during a game we are there supervising play and if you get injured we are able to respond and assess effectively to get you the help you need.


This mix of on-site care and active rehabilitation skills are what make Athletic Therapists so effective in treating the musculoskeletal injuries of all, on the ice or in the clinic. Another critical part is that we work within a network of health care professionals, utilizing each professions strength to create the optimal program for you to reach your goals.


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