What Do You Know About Sugar?

Your body is a fantastic mechanism. It is able to heal itself after an injury, which is so essential to human sustainability.

Think about that. If humans crumbled after being injured, chances are we wouldn’t be here today.

But we are. That’s how resilient humans are.

We have been able to survive through history without the knowledge that we possess now. And without many of the things we view as food.

So, why is it that we have seen such an increase in immune dysfunction, when we are supposedly the most educated that we’ve ever been?

One article that I read recently by Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests that people in America are consuming 77 lbs. of sugar per year. SEVENTY-SEVEN! That is absurd, when you consider that he goes on to state that the average Englishman in the 1700’s would have consumed about 4 lbs. in one year. The difference, other than the sheer number, is that in the 1700’s, all of this processed, high fructose corn syrup filled product did not exist. It was just good old regular fruit.

Where We Are Set Up For Failure

The people who initially created these types of processed foods were living in different times. War times, famines, rationing… these were all real issues. And in order to get people food, they needed to be creative. So, in this sense, the processed foods may have been useful, and/or necessary.

But let’s be honest… if you’re reading this article, there is a very high probability that these conditions do not apply to you at present moment. What we have, then, is a lack of understanding. And a profit-driven industry that has no interest in educating people of what these foods actually do to us.

[Check out this infographic]

Effects Of Sugar On Our Bodies

You probably have heard that sugar isn’t good for you. But chances are you don’t really know why. Which stops you from really making a conscious choice to avoid it. Consider that Dr. Mercola says that sugar:

Overloads and damages your liver | Tricks your body into weight-gain by affecting insulin and leptin signalling | Causes metabolic dysfunction | Increases uric acid levels 

Increased Risk of Disease

Sugar wreaks havoc on your liver. Think it’s just alcohol that does that? The article shows these similarities between alcohol and fructose. Your liver metabolizes alcohol and sugar the same way.

This excerpt from the article will really be eye opening:

“Research from some of America’s most respected institutions now confirms that sugar is a primary dietary factor that drives obesity and chronic disease development.

One study found that fructose is readily used by cancer cells to increase their proliferation — it “feeds” the cancer cells, promoting cell division and speeding their growth, which allow the cancer to spread faster.3

Alzheimer’s disease is another deadly illness that can arise from too much sugar consumption. A growing body of research found a powerful connection between a high-fructose diet and your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, through the same pathway that causes type 2 diabetes. According to some experts, Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders may be caused by the constant burning of glucose for fuel by your brain.”

It goes on to suggest that metabolic syndrome and consuming too much sugar is also linked to diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Problems, Heart Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Dementia.

Without The Politically-Correct Aspect…

Alright, so I’ve cited the article many times, and I’ve said things like “the study suggests…”.

Well, let’s cut that part out, and let’s just look at it from a regular person perspective: Processed sugar is terrible for you. It’s no coincidence that the incidence of disease, and the severity of disease, has seen a sharp spike in occurrence. If we know it’s bad for you, and we are saying things like “this hasn’t been approved by [insert food governing body name]” then all we are doing is continuing to foster the lack of education around what is really happening. There is a reason for this be an industry. It’s crazy how your basic lifestyle is classified as an industry. What they are really creating is a culture around over-consumption. We don’t need as much as we think we do.

You must take control of your own decisions. You must educate yourself about your own health. Many people understand that sugar is bad for you, but the learning stops there. And that is what hinders their ability to make good choices. People start out with avoiding bad things, but then they say things like, “oh it’s fine, it won’t be so bad for me if I just eat this today.” The problem isn’t eating something in one moment. It’s that they will repeat this sentence today. And then tomorrow. And at breakfast. And lunch. Where does it end? My belief is that if they had the understanding as to what it was actually doing, and the experience of what it feels like when you are avoiding them, that the decision to choose to avoid it will be exponentially easier.


Limit your consumption of man-made “foods”. The best way for me to remember this when I go shopping: What would be in this grocery store, before grocery stores existed? A good rule of thumb is to stick to the outer edges of the store, and to avoid the aisles.

But honestly, just remember that you can do it. It involves some education and a shift in your thought process, but do not be mislead any longer into thinking that you need to rely on something made in a laboratory. Your body runs on nature. So nourish it correctly and you will begin to change your life for the better. And rather quickly.

But don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself to see.

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