Home Is Toronto

There’s a certain feeling you have if you’re from the city. We all know it. If you’re from Toronto, you know what it is. It’s the Toronto mindset.

It’s hard to explain, but more easily felt. Just visit and be amongst us, and you will feel it, too.

We love everyone in our community. If you’re from the city, you’re family.

What’s great about being from this place, for me, is that it has always been a place that I could call home, no matter where in the world I was living for hockey. It’s a place that shows me love, and I will always show it love.

For twelve seasons I have lived in other parts of the world. All great places that I am tremendously grateful to have been part of. Those places will always have a piece of my heart. They are where I made so many great friends and memories.

But Toronto is home.

It’s where I grew up. It’s where I learned how to love. It’s where I learned who I am. It’s where I made best friends.


Sir George Yonge (street)

The car rides across the 401 in 5pm rush hour to make it to a 7pm game at Ted Reeve. Navigating the side streets to get to York U, because Keele was busy making a subway. Finding a different way to avoid traffic every time on the way to Yonge & Eglinton for summer training. Riding the TTC to high school. Taking the subway to get downtown. Walking from Lakeshore to Glencairn just because it was a nice night.

This is where I’m from. All that. I know if you’re from there, you will feel exactly what I feel when you read this; you can relate.

We’ve all shared in these moments. In these places. It’s our city.

When Drake came along, he gave the city a voice. Good for him, because our story needed to be shared. He’s done an amazing job representing our city. Because he’s no different than you or I: he’s got love for the city.

And we love our own.

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