Strength Coach: Dennis Lindsay

In this episode of Shiftd Radio, on ice and off ice combines are discussed by Dan and guest Dennis Lindsay. Dennis has been working with Daniel and Mike since they were young, and his expertise allows the listeners to understand why and how on and off ice tests are crucial in determining what potential a player can reach. Dr. Lindsay says” You want to be able to do a test, that you can test across a wide variety of people, and still give them some stats to work towards. Join Shiftd Radio as we attend the combine! We hope you enjoy todays show!

Sports Psychologist: Dr. Cassidy Preston  

Today’s guest on Shiftd Radio is Cassidy Preston. As a former hockey player, Dr. Preston understands the mental side of the game that comes with playing any sport. Dr. Preston has a PhD, Masters, as well as bachelor’s degree which allows him and his expertise to be very beneficial to any athlete. Dr. Preston says “The mental side of the game, is something that is overlooked in today’s age of the game” In this episode of Shiftd Radio, Mike and Dr. Preston discuss emotional resiliency as it pertains to the game of hockey, why it matters and how you can improve your ways.